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Pouty Girl lip gloss is vegan, all natural, kid friendly & non sticky with a hue of color and shimmer that has the perfect finishing shine. It can not only give you shinier lips, but also keeps them well moisturized and healthy.  There are now 18 colors to choose from with 3 flavors (strawberry, vanilla, & strawberry-van). Of course these great benefits of natural ingredients are always better than commercial gloss. Oh, and don't forget about the all occasion PGLG Gift Boxes. In every Pouty Girl Lip Gloss Gift Box, you will receive one lip gloss of your choice, our #PGLG tee, and 3-4 more unique gift items. Order yours today 💋

Why Choose Us?

I started off with Pouty Girl gift boxes for the ladies, because so many of us have never received a gift or a "just because". Let alone, get to treat ourselves. I wanted a "goodie box" made just for us. Pouty Girl Lip Gloss was a bonus. What woman doesn't love her lips to look healthy, sexy and glossy? I have wasted so much money on thin, expensive runny, or sticky lip gloss, that I wanted a change. I wanted the total opposite, that's why we went with natural and vegan ingredients . I wanted to create a non sticky, long lasting and hydrating formula that will "heal" the lips. The organic oils and vitamins give your lips what you've been missing. The best part is our signature cute and chic glass bottles. I bet you won't be losing this gloss. ✊🏾✊🏾 Believe me, your lips will thank you. Have you given us a try?

"Different Day, Different Gloss" 💋

"Received my lip gloss and so far so good. Lips don't feel sticky and the shine is just enough to make these full lips pop!"

Cherise Matilla


Our Mission Statement

Wyndi Dye


At Pouty Girl Lip Gloss, our mission is to create and produce a lip potion that preserves healthy, nourished and desirable lips. We provide high quality merchandise, helping women of all ages and color to feel even more beautiful. Our gift boxes, are to make you "Feel Good", everyone loves gifts. So why not make someone's day?


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