Pouty Girl Lip Gloss

Pouty Girl Lip Gloss

Pouty Girl lip gloss is an all natural, vegan & non sticky lip gloss line. With all natural ingredients, Pouty Girl Lip Gloss ensures that our product will give your lips a more moisturized shimmering finish. Now, with three flavors (strawberry, vanilla and strawberry- vanilla) and over 18 shades to choose from. Oh, and don't forget about the all occasion PGLG Gift Boxes. In every Pouty Girl Lip Gloss Gift Box, you will receive one lip gloss of your choice, our #PGLG tee, and 3-4 more unique gift items. Order yours today. 💋

Why Choose Us?

At Pouty Girl Lip Gloss, our mission is to create and produce a lip potion that preserves healthy, nourished and savory lips. We provide high quality merchandise, helping women of all ages and color to feel even more beautiful. Our gift boxes, are to make you "Feel Good" Everybody loves gifts. So why not make someone's day?

"Different Day, Different Gloss" 💋

"Received my lip gloss and so far so good. Lips don't feel sticky and the shine is just enough to make these full lips pop!"

Cherise Matilla

Our Mission Statement

Wyndi Dye


Pouty Girl Lip Gloss, is an all natural lip formula created to enhance the beauty and grace of women and girls alike. The PGLG gift boxes were actually our first product & I knew I wanted lip gloss in that gift set, ( who doesn't love smooth and healthy?) So what better way than to build your own brand and empire?????? Our organic butters, oils, flavors and ingredients are what separates us from the rest. PGLG will give your lips what they have been missing. With a hue of color, ( some shades are more pigmented than others), non sticky long lasting lip glaze that will shock you. We take pride in every ingredient, recipe, tee shirt, gift box, glass bottle and anything else PGLG may produce. We will continue to give our all and continue to deliver TOP NOTCH HANDMADE COSMETICS. We thank you for trusting us to "touch up your pretty" Stay Fabulous and Slay all day ladies. 💋💋


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